Praecursor is an Idea, with a very optimistic name, for a seismic correlator.

It wants to investigate about the existence of a relationship between seismic events and configurations of the planets in the solar system, resuming a Raffaele Bendandi’s Idea and¬†reviewing it under a different perspective.
Raffaele Bendandi stated that the Earth pulsated and warped with well-defined timing and rhythm … his Idea could meet the well-known and most studied deformations theorized by Albert Einstein so to rediscover a gravity (still not perfectly known) as the common cause of seismic events and movements of the planets. So understanding why the Moon’s orbit is “irregular in a certain way” and understanding why a seismic event occurs in a certain area rather than another could be reduced to a single problem.
For this purpose it is necessary a faithful reproduction of the solar system and reporting the seismic events in this system.

Praecursor will initially be a particular projection of the planets in the solar system on the Earth’s surface (or core), according to models as much suitable as possible.

Subsequently it will follow a phase of research for a concrete correspondence with the data observed in the past:

  • in case of success, in addition to providing a real-time projection, it will produce a forecast with as much detail as possible about the effects of the Moon, Sun and planets in the solar system on the Earth’s surface, alerting for configurations considered over a safety threshold for the possibility that a seismic event occurs
  • in case of failure, that is in case no correlation between seismic events and configuration of the planets is found, it will simply be something new, that maybe will produce further developments


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December 29, 2015
Raffaele Bendandi