Basic Idea

Praecursor is based on a different idea of Gravitation.

The starting points:

  • the existence of Aether and gravitational waves, i.e. a Space full of Energy
  • the Theory of Vortices,¬†developed by Descartes
  • the Centers of force, introduced by Leibniz
  • the Spin, always present in Stars
Gravitational interaction
Gravitational interaction

Leibniz introduces the concept of Monad, i.e. a matter permeated by immaterial Centers of force… every Planet is then characterized by a Center of force inducing a Vortex of Aether in the space around it (Center of force generating around it what Leibniz calls “Vis Viva” or living force).

Then the gravitational Interaction between two Planets turns into the Interaction between two Vortices, where the Vortex of Aether induced by a Planet exerts a gravitational and a Spin force on the other.

More details in the Theory of Spherical Vortices.

Such a gravitational Interaction involves that:

  • each Planet is at the center of a Vortex of Aether, Vortex with a maximum Spin on its equatorial plane
  • the Earth’s surface is constantly crossed by a Vortex of Aether directed towards its Center of force
  • each Vortex of Aether is due to the activity of a Center of force and is dependent on boundary conditions, i.e. on the possible presence of Satellites and on the configuration of the Planets in the solar system

Praecursor wants to investigate how the Vortex of Aether induced by the Earth’s Center of force is influenced by Moon, Sun and Planets of the solar system.


Basic Idea
June 12, 2017
Marco Todeschini