The correlation phase wants to verify the existence of a connection between seismic events and configurations of the planets.

Raffaele Bendani, years ago, was convinced of the existence of this connection… in that regard he considered the Moon as one of the main causes of earthquakes, as it happens in tides.

The correlation phase will not look for a match on the Earth-Moon line, it will rather make use of generic models, contemplating the use of rotational components. In particular:

  • each planet will cause a gravitational field with a rotor (a gravitational vortex)
  • the movement of the liquid matter below the earth’s surface will describe a spherical vortex

We will proceed with the variation of the parameters defining the models, looking for a convergence towards certain patterns.

Any “anomalies” in the theories that explain the physical phenomenon of the tides, like the “anomalies” present in the orbits described by the Moon, should find a natural “justification” with the new models. Therefore, in the search for a correlation, we must also consider:

  • anomalies in the orbit of the Moon
  • anomalies in the tides
  • anomalies in the orbits of the satellites around the Earth (if available)


January 30, 2017
Raffaele Bendandi