Model for the internal Structure of the Earth

A different Idea of Gravitation implies to reconsider the model for the internal structure of the Earth.

The solid surface of the Earth rotates necessarily, because of its solidity, at an average speed.

The underlying liquid matter has instead a differential rotation, dependent on distance from the center of the Planet and latitude… a spherical Vortex of matter.

Then the model for the Earth will be constituted by a spherical Vortex of liquid matter, in differential rotation, ending with a solid shell, rotating at a medium speed.

In this model the difference between the rotational speeds of solid surface and underlying liquid matter is dependent on the latitude… then, on a large scale, there are torques acting, constantly in time, on the Earth’s surface (the model should find a meeting point with the theory of continental drift).


Model for the internal Structure of the Earth
February 7, 2017
Marco Todeschini