Model for the Energy in the Space around a Planet


For each Planet it will be considered a model describing the Energy around it…

For each Planet, the gravitational force will be replaced by a flow of Aether directed, with a certain curvature dependent on the latitude, towards its center (Center of force)… i.e. each Planet will be in the center of a spherical Vortex of Aether.

The model, in its simplest version, will describe a regular spherical Vortex… the force field generated by the Vortex of Aether will have a radial component (gravitational force) maximum at the Poles, a tangential component (Spin force) null at the Poles and maximum at the equatorial plane of the Planet.

The characteristics of the Vortex will be derived from the characteristics of the Planet… its intensity will be obtained from the gravitational force exerted (measurable) by the Planet, the curvature of the flow of Aether directed towards its center will be obtained from any Satellites revolving around it.

In the correlation phase will be performed a tuning of each Vortex.


Model for the Energy in the Space around a Planet
February 12, 2017
Marco Todeschini